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    CJSC «Umut», registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 02, 2004, from this date we have been running our own construction business!

    The calling card of the company «Umut» steel, speed and consistently high quality of construction of modern facilities.
    Following the demands of business in the construction industry, the need for staffed construction teams, CJSC «Umut» invites you to work and staffs teams of any construction specialists, mainly on a rotational basis, to work in Russia. To all construction workers brigades are provided with free accommodation in a hostel and free travel to the place of work during the shift period.

    In numbers and facts


    Company CJSC «Umut» was founded in 2004 as a construction company.
    Initially, the company was engaged in the reconstruction and repair of buildings; later work was added at industrial facilities, such as on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation.


    After the rebranding, a new stage of the Company CJSC «Umut» began, and active participation as a contractor and general contractor for the construction of residential complexes, this direction of CJSC «Umut» continues to this day.


    CJSC «Umut» opens a second major line of activity, comprehensive provision of construction sites, fully staffed construction teams with workers from Kyrgyzstan. The main customers of the service are construction companies from the Russian Federation.


    CJSC «Umut» is developing a new line of activity, participating as a subcontractor in the construction of roads in the Republic Kyrgyzstan, this project is implemented by the Government of Kyrgyzstan and the Chinese Company China Road and Bridge Company.


    CJSC «Umut», was invited to participate in the project for the construction of the railway «China - Kyrgyzstan», this project will be funded by the Government of the People's Republic of China. CJSC «Umut» in the construction project, will be involved soil profiling.

  • Director of CJSC «Umut»

    Kamzaev Erik Kasymkanovich

        Dear partners!
        CJSC «Umut» develops through the creation and development of new construction projects during constantly changing times. We are proud that business partners and other people who know us say: «They are people» because they recognize us as construction professionals, who individually and collectively create new objects.
        Global shifts, increasing consumer power and relentless digitalization continue to change rapidly. To continue our evolution, we must reflect these changes in the CJSC «Umut» strategy, but to truly thrive, we must be our own architects who change the agenda and develop on multiple fronts.
        We are united in our commitment to sustainable development and look forward to the support of our Partners.

        Director of CJSC «Umut»
        Kamzaev E.K.

  • Documentation

    Certificate of State Registration of CJSC «Umut»

    Certificate of State Registration of CJSC «Umut»

    Charter of CJSC «Umut»

    Extract from CJSC «Umut» Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic

    Company Card of CJSC «Umut»

    Company Card of CJSC «Umut»

    Servicing bank

    Closed Joint Stock Company
    «Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank»

    Bishkek Central Branch
    National Bank License №046
    SWIFT: KICBKG22     BIC: 128002
    Tel.: (+996 312) 680101
    Fax: (+996 312) 680202
    Web: www.kicb.net
    E-mail: office@kicb.net

    Address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 720021, st. Ibraimova, 115A, BC «Dordoi - Plaza»


    - Closed Joint Stock Company «Umut»;
    - CJSC «Umut»;
    - Registration number: 847-3301-CJSC;
    - Tax number: 01509199010017;
    - OKPO code: 05710775.

    Name of registration authority:
    Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Web: www.minjust.gov.kg

  • Cooperation

    - We will form, at the request of construction companies, teams of construction specialists from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, all employees have certified construction specialties.

    - General construction and specialized work on residential and industrial facilities as a contractor and subcontractor.

    - Supply of construction materials including ASG, Ore, Finishing materials for construction sites, under direct supply contracts with the Customer.

    Equipment rental, CJSC «Umut» offers construction equipment for rent, both without maintenance personnel and with service personnel.

    Detailed works:
    - Design;
    - Installation of the foundation;
    - Roofing;
    - Exterior decoration of houses;
    - Interior decoration of houses.



        When performing construction, our specialists use only reliable materials, the quality of which is confirmed by certificates. All work without exception, regardless of its scale, is added to the estimate. We have an order as a standard project for building a house, as well as individual developments. Architectural solutions are economical, carefully thought out, all decisions are made on the basis rich professional experience.
        All our employees are responsible for the final result so that it fully satisfies the interests of each customer. We do not strive to hide failures and mistakes, but build on them the history of the formation of our high professionalism.
        Company CJSC «Umut» will carry out any construction work regardless of its complexity. We have an excellent, well-coordinated a team that is capable of performing assigned tasks with high professionalism. All employees regularly undergo additional training, which allows them to solve professional problems.
        The company is constantly developing, automating processes for the fastest and highest quality construction management.
        We make sure that our company's Partners are satisfied with the results obtained.

  • Contacts


    Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, 720005,
    Oktyabrsky district, Mederova street, house 50.
    Telephone: +996 312 962606
    E-mail: umutkg@umutkg.com
    Web: www.umutkg.com


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